Additional Dances


We can’t believe that you have already worked your way through all the dances in The Maypole Manual, as well as all the variations and challenges! But if you’re ready for more, here are some dances for you to try. We will be publishing instructions soon, but if you want to get started right away, simply drop us a line via the contact page and we’ll send them your way…



Traditional dances

Gathering Peascods: An English Country Dance from the 17th Century Playford Collection. Danced in a circle, it can either be done as it was published, or adapted for dancing with ribbons.

Abram’s Circle: A traditional dance from the village of Abram, danced in a circle with different figures. It is best done without ribbons as some of these figures involve waving of hands with the option of hankies!

Hunting the Wren: A traditional dance from the Isle of Mann, which was traditionally done on Boxing Day. Some of the figures look really spectacular around a Maypole.



The Stortford Stomp and The Stick Symphony were both created for a Year 6 group that was mostly boys and allowed a more robust approach to the dance form.

The following dances were created during Mike’s workshops at Chippenham Folk Festival when the participants had already learnt the dances that feature in The Maypole Manual.
Circassion Tangle
Four-Way Plait
Hey de Guy
Double Twist